Aide Musicale Hedgehog

Hedgehog Parts





  • tamb: easy
  • aggogo: medium
  • repi: medium
  • snare: medium
  • low-surdo: easy
  • mid-surdo: easy
  • high-surdo: easy

About the tune

This tune is in a Tango-rhythm which goes along for 8 steps/two bars. Nearly every instrument plays parts of the same rhythm. Therefor it’s easy to learn.

Hedgehog sounds great when it is played combined with ragga (a Tango-rhythm too). As an example, just try introducing Ragga kick-backs or Zorro break playing the groove pattern. Try continuing playing this break until a Hedgehog break or similar is called.

Both the Hedgehog call and Break 1 are stretched over 8 beats but the notes/shouts only happen in the last 2 or 4 beats. It is important for the mestre to count from the start of the 8 beats to get the timing right (marked with ">" on the notation). Everyone else keeps playing their normal rhythm until they are counted in - don’t stop!


It has only two breaks, which are (in contrast to every other break) both meant to be counted in in the beginning of the 8 steps, so the groove is really interrupted by the breaks.

  • In break 1 only the surdos play four hits (one on every step) while everyone else continues.
  • The hedgehog-break is just one hit on the first step and the shout “hedge-hog!” with the syllables on the third and fourth step. (it can also be replaced by a political message, eg. “stop g8”)

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