Aide Musicale Samba Reggae Ror
Samba Reggae Ror

Samba Reggae Ror


  • tamburim: easy (clave)
  • agogo: medium
  • repinique: medium
  • snare: medium
  • surdos: medium

About the tune

This tune is one of the RoR basics. It is (together with ‘Custard’) the RoR-Tune which sounds most like “real” Samba.

It is the tune with the most breaks (seven, not counting the tamb-stroke/clave). And a lot of breaks also have nice bonuses. For example is every break ended with a surdo pickup from either high-(1, 2 & 3) or low- (every other break, sometimes even the clave & 4-pause) surdo. Also after the ‘SOS-Break’ the repis should continue playing their part of the break until the next break is called.

In “real” Samba, ‘samba reggae’ is a specific sub-genre, it’s not only in terms of the rhythm, but also of the instruments, which are played (and how they are played), different from other kinds of Samba. For example the repi, which is otherwise mostly hanging quite high and is played with a short wooden stick and the hand, is hanging really low and is played with two long plastic beaters.

Since practically every samba band can play a version of samba reggae, it is a good tune to play together in demonstrations in which there are other non-RoR samba bands.

As an anecdote, RoR Samba Reggae is played with mid surdo hitting in 1 and 3 beats and low one in 2 and 4 (mid-low-mid-low,low), while most of the samba bands used to play with low surdo in 1 and 3 and mid one in 2 and 4 (low-mid-low-mid,mid). Sybarites of samba will tell you so. Repi and snare grooves use to be swapped too.

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